Barred Spiral Galaxy

Southern Pinwheel Galaxy – Messier 83

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m83,southern pinwheel galaxy

The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, also known as Messier 83 (M83), is a barred spiral galaxy located in Hydra constellation. M83 lies at a distance of 15 million light years from Earth. It is one of the nearest and brightest spiral galaxies, and can even be seen in binoculars. The galaxy appears face-on when viewed from Earth.

Messier 83 was nicknamed the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy because of its prominent, very well defined spiral arms, which give the galaxy an appearance similar to the famous Pinwheel Galaxy (Messier 101), located in Ursa Major. Messier 83 has the designation NGC 5236 in the New General Catalogue.
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Antennae Galaxies

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NGC 4038,ngc 4039,colliding galaxies,interacting galaxies

The Antennae Galaxies, also known as the Ringtail Galaxy or Arp 244, are a pair of colliding galaxies located in Corvus constellation. The interacting spiral galaxies have the designations NGC 4038 and NGC 4039 in the New General Catalogue.

The galaxy collision resembles an insect’s antennae, which is how the pair got the name. The “antennae” are formed by two long tails of stars, dust and gas expelled from the galaxies as a result of their interaction.
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NGC 1365: The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy

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great barred spiral galaxy,fornax constellation,supermassive black hole

NGC 1365 is a barred spiral galaxy located in Fornax constellation. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 10.3 and is approximately 56.2 million light years distant from the Sun.

The giant Seyfert-type galaxy is also known as PGC 13179, or the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy. It is the largest spiral galaxy in Fornax and may be the most prominent barred spiral galaxy in the night sky.
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