Heart Nebula

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heart nebula,ic 1805,emission nebula,cassiopeia

The Heart Nebula (IC 1805) is an emission nebula located at an approximate distance of 7,500 light years from Earth, in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is also known as Sharpless 2-190 (Sh2-190) or the Running Dog Nebula because, when seen through a telescope, it looks a bit like a running dog. The nebula has an apparent magnitude of 18.3 and an absolute magnitude of 6.5. It is 150 arcminutes in size and known for its intensely red glowing gas and dark dust lanes forming a shape that resembles a heart symbol.
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Soul Nebula

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ic 1848,emission nebula,cassiopeia

The Soul Nebula (Westerhout 5) is an emission nebula located in the constellation Cassiopeia. It forms a famous pair known as the Heart and Soul with the neighbouring Heart Nebula (IC 1805). The Soul Nebula is sometimes also known as the Embryo Nebula or IC 1848, which is a designation used for the open star cluster embedded within the nebula.
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Cassiopeia A

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cas a,supernova remnant

Cassiopeia A (Cas A) is a supernova remnant located in the constellation Cassiopeia. It lies at an approximate distance of 11,000 light years from Earth and has a diameter of about 10 light years.
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Bubble Nebula – NGC 7635

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bubble nebula,bubble nebula hubble

The Bubble Nebula is an emission nebula located in the northern constellation Cassiopeia. The nebula lies at a distance of 7,100 to 11,000 light years from Earth. It is also known as Caldwell 11 or Sharpless 162. Its designation in the New General Catalogue is NGC 7635.

It was nicknamed the Bubble Nebula because of its shape, which was created by a strong stellar wind from a young, massive, hot Wolf-Rayet star that shed its material to form the nebula. The star has the designations SAO 20575 and BD+60 2522.
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Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31, NGC 224)

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andromeda galaxy,m31,ultraviolet,nasa image

Andromeda Galaxy (also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224) is a spiral galaxy located in the Andromeda constellation. The galaxy was named after the constellation which, in turn, was named after the mythical princess Andromeda, daughter of Cassiopeia and Cepheus in Greek mythology.

Andromeda Galaxy is one of the most famous objects in the night sky, and the nearest spiral galaxy to our own, the Milky Way. It is on a collision course with the Milky Way, and the two galaxies are expected to merge in about 4 billion years.
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