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Big Dipper

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big dipper

The Big Dipper is an asterism formed by seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. It is one of the most… Read More »Big Dipper

The Kite

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kite constellation,bootes constellation

The Kite is a large northern asterism that dominates the constellation Boötes. Also known as the Ice Cream Cone, it is formed by the constellation’s… Read More »The Kite

The Sickle

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the sickle,the sickle of leo

The Sickle of Leo is one of the most recognizable patterns in the spring sky. Formed by some of the brightest stars in the constellation… Read More »The Sickle

Porpoise Galaxy

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porpoise galaxy hubble

The Porpoise Galaxy (NGC 2936) is an irregular galaxy located in the constellation Hydra. It lies at a distance of 352 million light years from the Sun and has an apparent magnitude of 12.85.Read More »Porpoise Galaxy