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The Night Sky This Month: May

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Here are some of the things to see in May:

  • 9 pm, western sky – Venus visible above the western horizon in the evening
  • 10:30 pm, southeastern sky – Jupiter prominent in the sky throughout the night
  • 4:30 am, southern sky – Saturn rising around midnight, followed by Mars
  • 5:15 am, eastern sky – Mercury visible just above the horizon before dawn
  • 10 pm, southern sky – Virgo constellation dominating the southern sky, with the Virgo Cluster of galaxies and the Sombrero Galaxy (Messier 104) visible in a telescope
  • 10 pm, southern sky – Coma Berenices constellation with the spiral galaxy Messier 64, also known as the Black Eye Galaxy
  • 10 pm, southeastern sky – Canes Venatici constellation with the bright star Cor Caroli and the famous Whirlpool Galaxy (Messier 51)
  • 3 am, eastern sky – Eta Aquariid meteor shower peaking on the night from May 6 to 7, with up to 10 meteors per hour visible from the east

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