The Night Sky This Month: June

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Here are some of the things to see in June:

  • 9:30 pm, southwestern sky – Venus dominates the evening sky
  • 10 pm, southern sky – Jupiter visible in the direction of Libra
  • 11 pm, southeastern sky – Saturn rising late in the evening
  • 4 am, southern sky – Mars visible in the direction of Capricornus
  • 10 pm, southern sky – Boötes constellation, recognizable for its kite shape, with the bright star Arcturus and the double star Izar, Epsilon Boötis, known for its striking colour contrast
  • 10 pm, southeastern sky – Corona Borealis, easy to recognize for its circlet of stars representing the Northern Crown
  • 10 pm, eastern sky – the constellation Hercules with the Keystone asterism, the Hercules Cluster (M13) and Messier 92, another bright globular cluster
  • 10 pm, northeastern sky – Draco constellation with the bright double star Nu Draconis

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