The Night Sky This Month: July

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Here are some of the things to see in July:

  • 9:30 pm, western sky – Venus hanging above the horizon in the evening
  • 9:30 pm, southern sky – Jupiter and Saturn prominent in the sky after sunset
  • 10:30 pm, southeastern sky – Mars rises at sunset and stays visible throughout the night
  • 11 pm, southern sky – the constellation Scorpius with the prominent stinger, the bright star Antares marking the scorpion’s heart and the globular cluster Messier 4 near Antares
  • 11 pm, southern sky – Sagittarius constellation with the Teapot asterism and a number of famous deep sky objects, including the Lagoon Nebula, Trifid Nebula, Omega Nebula, and the bright globular cluster Messier 22
  • July 13 – partial solar eclipse visible in parts of Australia and Antarctica
  • July 27 – total lunar eclipse visible in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • 2 am, eastern sky – Delta Aquariid meteor shower peaking on the night of July 27 to 28, with up to 20 meteors per hour visible in the direction of Aquarius

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