Cat’s Eye Nebula

Saturn Nebula,NGC 7009

Saturn Nebula

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The Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009) is a small but fairly bright planetary nebula found in Aquarius constellation, about a degree west of the star Nu… Read More »Saturn Nebula

ngc 6543,planetary nebula

Cat’s Eye Nebula – NGC 6543

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The Cat’s Eye Nebula is a famous planetary nebula located in the northern constellation Draco. The nebula’s designation in the New General Catalogue is NGC 6543.

The Cat’s Eye is one of the most structurally complex nebulae known. It was formed around 1,000 years ago when a hot, bright central star expelled its outer envelope. It is sometimes also known as the Sunflower Nebula or the Snail Nebula. It lies at a distance of 3,300 light years from Earth.
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