Night Sky Highlights: August 2019

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Here are some of the things to see in August:

  • 9 pm, southeast sky – Lyra constellation with the bright Vega , the multiple star system Epsilon Lyrae, also known as the Double Double, and the planetary nebula Messier 57, also known as the Ring Nebula
  • 9 pm, eastern sky – Cygnus constellation with the white supergiant Deneb marking the Swan’s tail and the double star Albireo marking its head
  • 9 pm, southeast sky – Vulpecula constellation with the Dumbbell Nebula, a bright planetary nebula catalogued as Messier 27
  • 9 pm, southeast sky – Aquila constellation with the bright Altair marking the neck of the celestial Eagle, easy to recognize with the relatively bright stars Alshain and Tarazed at its sides
  • 9 pm, southeast sky – Scutum constellation with the bright open cluster Messier 11, also known as the Wild Duck Cluster
  • 9 pm, southeast sky – the Summer Triangle, a bright, large asterism formed by Altair, Deneb and Vega, which helps identify the three bright stars and find some of the deep sky objects mentioned above
  • 9 pm, southern sky – Jupiter and Saturn prominent above the southern horizon
  • the Perseid meteor shower, with about a dozen meteors visible per hour, peaking on the night of August 12th to 13th, with the fainter meteors washed out this year by a bright Moon

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