June Night Sky

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Here are some of the things to see in June:

  • 10 pm, southern sky – Jupiter high above the horizon in the evening
  • 10 pm, southeastern sky – Saturn lower in the sky after night fall throughout the month
  • 5 am, eastern sky – Venus above the horizon before dawn
  • 10 pm, southern sky – Boötes constellation, known for the Kite asterism, with Arcturus, the fourth brightest star in the sky, and the double star Epsilon Boötis, also known by its traditional name Izar
  • 10 pm, southeastern sky – Corona Borealis, found to the left of Boötes, formed by a circlet of stars representing the wedding crown of Ariadne in Greek mythology
  • 10 pm, eastern sky – Hercules constellation, recognizable for the Keystone asterism, which can be used to find two bright globular clusters, the Hercules Cluster (Messier 13) and Messier 92
  • 10 pm, northeastern sky – Draco constellation with the double star Nu Draconis

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