NGC 6101: Globular Cluster in Apus

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NGC 6101 is a globular star cluster located in Apus constellation. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 9.30. None of the stars in the cluster are brighter than fourtheenth magnitude.

NGC 6101 is 49,900 light years distant from Earth and 36,000 light years from the Galactic Centre. It is 0.7 arcminutes in radius and its coordinates are 16h25m47.7s (right ascension) and -72°12’04.8” (declination). It can be found about seven degrees north of the star Gamma Apodis.

globular cluster in apus

NGC 6101, image: NASA (Hubble Space Telescope)

The cluster was first discovered by James Dunlop on June 1, 1826. It is believed to be an Oosterhoff type II cluster, with very weak lines of metallic elements and a slightly longer period of RR Lyrae variable stars.