Saturn Nebula

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Saturn Nebula,NGC 7009

The Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009) is a small but fairly bright planetary nebula found in Aquarius constellation, about a degree west of the star Nu… Read More »Saturn Nebula

Eta Aquariids

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eta aquariids

The Eta Aquariids are an annual meteor shower that appears to radiate from the southern constellation Aquarius.

The meteor shower peaks on or around May 6 every year and is associated with Halley’s Comet, a short period comet that can be seen from Earth every 75 to 76 years.

The Eta Aquariids can typically be seen from April 21 to May 20. The meteor shower does not have a sharp peak, only higher meteor rates that plateau for about a week around May 7.
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Helix Nebula (NGC 7293): Eye of God

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Helix Nebula,eye of god nebula,NGC 7293

The Helix Nebula is a large planetary nebula located approximately 695 light years from Earth in Aquarius constellation. It is the nearest bright nebula to our solar system. The nebula’s striking appearance earned it the nickname the Eye of God.

The Helix Nebula is a popular object for amateur astronomers and can be observed with binoculars, which reveal it as a hazy, greenish cloud.
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