The Night Sky: July 2020

Here are some of the things to see this month:

  • 10:30 pm, southern sky – Scorpius constellation with the familiar Fish Hook asterism, formed by the red supergiant Antares, the 15th brightest star in the sky, with its neighbours Acrab (Beta Scorpii), Dschubba (Delta Scorpii) and Fang (Pi Scorpii); Messier 4, one of the nearest globular clusters to Earth (at 7,200 light years) appearing next to Antares, and the bright open clusters known as the Butterfly Cluster (Messier 6) and the Ptolemy Cluster (Messier 7) above the scorpion’s stinger, marked by the stars Shaula (Lambda Scorpii) and Lesath (Upsilon Scorpii)
  • 11 pm, southern sky – Sagittarius constellation, recognizable for the Teapot pattern formed by its brightest stars, with Messier 22, also one of the nearest globular clusters to the Sun (at 10,600 light years) and three bright nebulae: the Omega (or Swan) Nebula, the Trifid Nebula and the Lagoon Nebula, catalogued as Messier 17, Messier 20 and Messier 8

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