The Night Sky in November

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Here are the highlights of the night sky in November:

  • 6 PM southwestern sky – Venus rises on the horizon
  • 10:30 PM eastern sky – Jupiter rises later in the evening and gradually climbs higher in the night sky
  • 9 PM southern sky – constellation Pisces, notable for two circlets of bright stars
  • 9 PM southeastern sky – Aries constellation and the nearby Triangulum with the galaxy Messier 33, easily seen with binoculars
  • 3 AM eastern sky – Mars rises in the sky before dawn
  • 6 AM eastern sky – Mercury rises low in the sky before sunrise
  • 6 AM eastern sky – Saturn next to Mercury toward the end of the month
  • 2 AM eastern sky – Leonid meteor shower, appearing in the direction of Leo constellation, peaking on November 17 and 18 with up to 40 meteors per hour
  • November 3 – a rare hybrid solar eclipse visible from the mid-Atlantic Ocean and central Africa, appearing either as an annular or total eclipse, depending on the observer’s location

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