The Night Sky in December

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The Hubblesite Channel has posted the guide to the highlights of the December sky. Here are some of the things to look out for:


  • around 6 PM, Mars appears low on the horizon in the western sky
  • at 7 PM, Jupiter appears above the horizon in the east
  • around 6:30 am, before sunrise, Venus and Saturn can be seen in the southeastern sky
  • Mercury can be seen between Venus and the horizon just before dawn


  • at 8 pm two prominent constellations are visible in the northeastern sky: Perseus and Cassiopeia
  • M34 in Perseus is visible to the naked eye and can be observed in binoculars
  • the double star Eta Cassiopeiae and the star cluster M103 can be seen in binoculars
  • The Double Cluster, a pair of bright open clusters, can be seen between Cassiopeia and Perseus


  • Geminids peaking around December 13 and 14 at 1 am in the southeastern sky in Gemini constellation – up to 60 meteors can be seen every hour

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